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I'm proud to have helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals over the years. I believe that my success comes from my commitment to providing personalised training programs, excellent customer service, and a welcoming and supportive community. But don't just take my word for it - hear what my clients have to say!

I've collected a range of testimonials from satisfied clients who have seen real results from my training programs. From weight loss and improved strength to better endurance and overall health, my clients have achieved impressive milestones with my help.

So if you're considering working with me, take a moment to read through my customer testimonials. I believe that they will give you a better understanding of what to expect from my services and how I can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact me today to schedule your first session or take a look at the personal training services and packages I provide.

I had always dismissed the importance of strength training preferring to concentrate purely on running. This strategy was adequate for 5km and 10k distances but as I chose to up the mileage, injury and pain became more frequent. After a 6 month enforced break following foot surgery I decided training for my next half marathon needed to be more than clocking up running mileage. Rik Pensa's 8 week road runner package provided an excellent solution - motivation to stick with the strength training whilst also ensuring use of the correct technique and form. I have found some elements extremely challenging. The weaknesses in my upper body, core even glutes and hips quickly became clear and I was then able to understand the impact this had on my running. Certain exercises were modified by Rik to cater for my post-surgery feet. But by the end of programme I was able to tackle all the exercises. I have thoroughly enjoyed Rik’s Roadrunner training package, it is varied, motivational, fast paced and fun. I can see the results and can now confidently tackle my first post surgery half marathon feeling motivated, well prepared and strong.
Claire Ellis

I was very fortunate to win a month’s personal training with Rik which incorporated running and gym work . I learned that to be a good runner you need to be strong and the gym work combined with the running helped me to become a quicker runner and also I felt the fittest I have felt in years . I am now training for 2 10k's and a half marathon this year thanks to Rik's encouragement.

My young son saw the difference in me and he started training with Rik and as a result of this combined with nutrition advice has subsequently lost over 2 stone and looks amazing . His older brother has now joined the Rik fitness as a consequence of seeing his brother become so fit.

Thanks Rik you have been an inspiration and great help to all the Cheshire clan!

Gill Cheshire

The return of the running mojo!

Last year, for a variety of reasons, I lost my love for running; parkrun became a slog and I couldn't get myself out of the door during the week. At the start of this year, realising I needed some external motivation, I signed up with Rik - best decision ever! I was initially hesitant to sign up with a personal trainer being a somewhat slower runner but I needn’t have worried, Rik adapts everything to my level and encourages me to improve in increments I can manage; not once have I felt ‘too slow’ or ‘not good enough’. He is endlessly encouraging and somehow actually makes me believe I can achieve my goals which means I’m rediscovering my own motivation as well. The results…..my 5k times are dropping back down more quickly than I would have believed possible and parkrun is fun again which is fantastic, but the biggest difference? Yesterday I had planned to run in the morning and for the first time in over a year I couldn’t wait to get out on the road, then even when freezing cold pouring rain came down, I still enjoyed it. I honestly wish I’d done this a long time ago!

Jennie Hesketh
Being a novice runner & signing up for my first 10k I enlisted Rik's help to get me there. I have learned so much from Rik, there are many elements to running I hadn't even considered. Rik is very passionate about running, fitness & nutrition. His knowledge is brilliant. I'm so pleased to now be able to comfortably run 10k & have also seen my 5k PB reduce dramatically. More importantly because of the additional strength training incorporated by Rik I am injury free. Rik is so friendly, down to earth, and really enthusiastic to help you achieve your goals and all with a smile & great sense of humour. If you're considering trying it don't delay, you won't be disappointed!
Louise Corbett
I've been trained by Rik for three months now, and he is excellent. He pushes me hard, but always safely, and within my abilities. He really tailors the exercises for you, so you can reach your fitness goals. I've probably never been in better shape in my life, and I'm 46! If you're thinking of getting a PT I can wholeheartedly recommend him!
Helen Evason
I have now been working with Rik for over 3 months. We have been concentrating on core work in the gym, something that I hadn't bothered with when I started running. I am stronger and trimmer as a result and my endurance has improved greatly. Rik has also shown me how to warm-up [rather than stretch] before a Race. I achieved a 10K PB by 79 seconds at Whitchurch last month and having picked up a niggle on my knee two weeks ago and barely running since, still managed a respectable sub 60 10K time yesterday at Market Drayton, only a couple of minutes off my previous PB. I have been injury free since working with Rik, apart from this minor niggle, [possibly down to new shoes] which resolved itself within 10 days. Rik adapted my session when I couldn't do some of the exercises. He still pushes me at my pace and the sessions have been made tougher as I have made progress. I am looking forward to starting to train for a Half Marathon and a Marathon [the latter against his better judgment], but I know that he will wholeheartedly support and advise me along every step. Choose Rik Fitness and you won't regret it!
Louise Baldwin

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